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Horary Astrology Use Case #1: Buying a Dream Home or a Recipe for Regret?

How Horary Astrology Helped a Client Avoid a Big Mistake.

Have you ever gotten caught up in the whirlwind of excitement surrounding a major life purchase, only to have a nagging feeling in the back of your mind whispering "wait"? This is exactly what happened to John and Sarah (names changed to protect privacy), a young couple who approached me with a question perfectly suited for horary astrology: "Is right now the right time for us to buy a house?"

New Home Construction

In this horary astrology use case, John and Sarah were buzzing with anticipation. Pre-qualified for a mortgage, they'd been working with a realtor for weeks and finally found their "dream home." Paperwork was almost complete, but a case of pre-purchase jitters (or was it something more?) prompted them to seek some additional guidance.

This is where horary astrology steps in. By analyzing a chart cast for the exact moment the question was asked, we can glean valuable insights into the situation's underlying energy. In John and Sarah's case, the horary chart revealed a fascinating interplay between the planets representing them (the querent) and the house itself.

Let's break down some key horary terms:

  • Querent: The person asking the question (John and Sarah in this case).

  • Significator: A planet in the chart that represents a person, object, or situation.

The aspect between the significators for John and Sarah and the house was very close, indicating an imminent decision (the closing of the deal). However, the aspect itself was problematic. The planet representing John (the querent's significator) was showing a distorted view of the situation.

Astrology Chart

In horary terms, this translates to John's excitement being overly influenced by external factors, most notably a desire to please his wife, rather than a genuine sense of the house being the right fit.

Further discussion with John revealed a deeper fear lurking beneath the surface – uncertainty about his career path and future financial stability. The beauty shown through this horary astrology use case is that the chart can often reflect these internal struggles even if they remain unspoken.

Armed with this newfound awareness, John realized the purchase was being driven by the wrong motivations. He confided in Sarah, and together they made the difficult but ultimately wise decision to walk away from the deal. While there was initial disappointment, the overwhelming sense of relief confirmed they had dodged a potential bullet.

This is just one example of how horary astrology can provide valuable insights beyond the surface level. If you're facing a major life decision and a nagging voice tells you to "hold on," consider consulting a horary astrologer. The clarity you gain may just save you from a costly mistake.


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