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Astrology Forecast Readings

Explore Your Cosmic Destiny with an Astrology Forecast Readings

Nestled in the vibrant landscapes of Salt Lake, Utah, Astrology by Rob warmly invites you to explore the celestial realms through meticulously crafted astrology forecast readings. My astrology forecast readings offer insightful glimpses into your future, guiding you through the cosmic currents that shape your destiny.

Understanding that life's journey is often guided by unseen cosmic forces, I am dedicated to unraveling the mysteries that influence your path. My belief in the power of astrology serves as a guiding force, providing transformative insights beyond the ordinary. Delve into the rich tapestry of my astrology forecast readings for a profound connection with the celestial forces that govern the universe.

Person Watching the Sky

My readings go beyond mere predictions; they are gateways to understanding the energies shaping your unique story. With Astrology by Rob, you unlock the secrets that empower you to navigate the cosmic dance with wisdom and foresight.

Immerse yourself in the wisdom of the stars and planets, discovering the profound influence they hold over your life's narrative. Whether seeking clarity on love, career, or personal growth, Astrology by Rob is your trusted companion on the cosmic voyage. Join me on this celestial odyssey, where the vast universe converges with the intricacies of your being, creating a harmonious symphony resonating with the rhythms of destiny.

Discover the Depth of Your Cosmic Journey with these Astrology Forecast Readings:​

  • Quarterly Planetary Transit Forecast Reading - Navigate the cosmic tides with precision. Identify detailed timings and energies within a three-month window, offering you timely insights into the ebbs and flows of the celestial currents shaping your life's journey. Unravel the mysteries of each quarter—book your Quarterly Planetary Transit Reading below and harmonize with the cosmic rhythms.

  • Yearly Planet Transit Forecast Reading - Cast your gaze toward the future. Gain a comprehensive outlook based on planetary transits, illuminating the cosmic roadmap for the year ahead. Prepare to navigate the celestial symphony guiding your destiny. Click below and experience the revelations of a Yearly Planet Transit Reading and align yourself with the cosmic energies of the upcoming year.

  • Lunar & Solar Eclipse Forecast Readings - Harness the transformative power of celestial events. Explore the profound energies of solar and lunar eclipses, deciphering their impact on your life's path because you life is constantly shifting. Gain insights into pivotal moments of change—book your Solar & Lunar Eclipse Reading below and seize the transformative potential of these cosmic phenomena.

  • Solar Return Reading & Birthday Forecast - Peer into the celestial crystal ball and foresee the forthcoming year from birthday to birthday. Gain foresight into the energies and events that will color your next chapter. Are you ready to step into the cosmic dance of your Solar Return? Book your Solar Return Birthday Reading below for a profound preview of the year ahead.


All sessions are available via Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype, and phone. Book a session below or connect with Rob at (385) 498-5298 or via email at Follow Astrology by Rob on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube for cosmic insights and updates.


Prepare to embark on a transformative journey into your future—book your astrology forecast reading today and let the celestial whispers reveal the tapestry of your destiny."

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