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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is astrology more than just your horoscope?

A. Yes, a horoscope is only based on your Sun sign. In your chart, you also have the Moon and the 8 other planets in signs, and each describe different parts of your personality and events taking place in your life.


Q. How often should I get an astrology reading?

A. Simply put, when you want to know what energies you are having to contend with. There is enough change in planetary positions that affect your life that even quarterly would not be too often.


Q. Isn’t astrology just using vague language that could apply to anyone?

A. You’re talking about “Barnum effect.” Here’s a great experiment to try. Gather 5 or more people at a party. Print out personal chart interpretations from a site like or Have them read each one (un-named so they can’t see who’s is who’s) and find the one that they think fits themselves the best. You might just be surprised.


Q. Are computer generated charts and interpretations as good as those from a professional astrologer?

A. Computer generated interpretations cannot match what an astrologer is trained to see in a chart. They are great for getting explanations for planets, signs, houses and some aspects, but an astrologer can see the bigger picture.


Q. Is there one sign that is a perfect match for my sign?

A. It’s common to talk in terms of just Sun signs, as this question does. Though there is Sun sign compatibility; like how Water and other Water signs are compatible, or how Earth and Water work well together, there are other planets that should be considered to determine overall compatibility. An astrologer can look at both charts and explain both harmonious and inharmonious connections.


Q. Does astrology really work?

A. Work? Like, can it tell a person’s personality? Compatibility with another person? What events have or will take place in someone’s life? Yes, to all these. Do your research for finding a good astrologer, read their reviews, ask a lot of questions, but then have the experience yourself.


Q. I was born on the cusp, what does this mean?

A. Many people born within one or two days of when a sign would change to the next sign, are said to be born on a cusp. An issue with this is they might believe they are a little of both signs. There are explanations why they could feel a little of both, but it doesn’t have to do with their Sun and which side of the cusp its on. It has more to do with other planets that could be in either sign.


Q. What if I don’t know my exact time of birth?

A. You are not alone. Many times, the time of birth is not even recorded on a birth certificate. There are a few things that can be done. Some astrologers rectify charts, which means they’ll help determine time of birth by the timing of events that have taken place in your life. A chart can still be created and read with the exception of the Rising Sign (which sign was rising on the East horizon at the moment of birth) and the houses. Most of the planets can still tell a story that you will relate to. Don’t let not having it stop you from a reading.


Q. Why would I get an astrology reading?

A. There are many different types of readings you could have; tarot, aura, psychic, runes, etc. Astrology is repeatable. Though two astrologers could interpret an aspect differently, they are looking at the same natal chart. The chart is personal to you, no one has your same chart. Saying that, it’s your life path and will unveil your natal promise throughout your life. The accuracy and timing describing the events in your life will keep you coming back for more.

ic journey awaits.

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