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Astrology Natal Chart & Birth Chart Reading

Discover the Depth of the Cosmos Found in a Birth Chart Reading

For unparalleled insights into your cosmic blueprint, look no further than having Astrology by Rob do your astrology birth chart reading. Delve into the celestial tapestry of your life, exploring the intricate dance of planets at your birth moment.


Rob's expertise in deciphering birth charts offers a transformative experience, guiding you toward a profound understanding of your life's path and potentials.

And just to be clear, a birth chart reading and natal chart reading are the same thing. It's just two different ways to say it.

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The Premium Birth Chart Reading, spanning 75 minutes, offers a deep dive into your astrological makeup, exploring aspects like emotions, relationships, strengths, and career. This transformative experience provides insights into your natal chart, planetary transits, and forecasts, concluding with an audio or video recording and a color printout for reflection. It caters to those seeking a profound understanding of life's purpose, emphasizing personal growth and mindfulness. Ideal for those valuing longer, detailed sessions.


Conversely, the Standard Birth Chart Reading, at 55 minutes, offers an affordable, accessible exploration of life's mysteries. While comprehensive, it emphasizes understanding celestial influences for navigating complexities in emotions, relationships, career, and finances. Immediate appointments, affordability, and recording options make it a practical choice for transformative insights without the extended duration. Opt for the Premium for a more detailed, extensive exploration, and choose the Standard for an efficient yet insightful astrological experience.

Choose Your Path to Cosmic Revelations for your Astrology Birth Chart Reading:

Standard Natal Chart Reading: - Unveil the essence of your being in this 55-minute exploration of your birth chart. Discover your life path, inherent abilities, and the intricate interplay of planetary influences shaping your journey. Explore the cosmic fingerprints within:

  • Dynamics within your familial sphere.

  • Self-interpretation and esteem.

  • Relationship dynamics.

  • Financial indicators and life lessons.

Premium Natal Chart Reading: - Elevate your cosmic exploration with a comprehensive 75-minute premium birth chart reading. Beyond including the insights of the standard session, experience:

  • Forecasts for the upcoming year, guiding your path forward.

  • In-depth insights into current planetary influences based on ongoing transits.

  • A full digital recording encapsulating the entirety of your reading.

Embark on a deeper journey into your cosmic realm—book your astrology birth chart reading analysis with Rob today.

All sessions are available via Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype, and phone. Book a session below or connect with Rob at (385) 498-5298 or via email at Follow Astrology by Rob on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube​ for cosmic insights and updates.


Unlock the celestial symphony within you—your cosmic journey awaits.

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