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Astrology by Rob

Finding Your Way through Knowing Your Planets!

Astrology by Rob

Celestial Navigator & Guide

Unlocking the Mysteries of Your Life's Journey Through Astrology Charts with Astrology by Rob!

Feeling adrift in life's vast ocean, uncertain of which path to tread? The mysteries of life often leave us seeking clarity, a beacon to navigate our journey.

In the celestial ballet of stars and planets, I find profound guidance. Astrology unfolds a cosmic calendar, revealing destinies and guiding us toward alignment with our authentic selves. Understanding these celestial influences through a birth chart reading illuminates our purpose and equips us to navigate life's ebbs and flows with confidence and insight.

At Astrology by Rob, my expertise lies in decoding these celestial messages, translating them into easily comprehensible insights for my clients through a personalized astrology chart or a birth chart reading. I specialize in illuminating paths, fostering healing, and imparting the wisdom of self-love and joy.

Ready to explore your celestial blueprint? Book a consultation today and delve into the wisdom of astrology to align with your true self.

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Embark on Your Celestial Quest:
Ignite Self-Discovery through a Birth Chart Reading

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Where Do You Start?

The Premium Birth Chart Reading offers a comprehensive 75-minute session, providing an in-depth exploration of your astrological blueprint. This premium experience delves into various aspects of your life, including emotional landscape, interpersonal dynamics, strengths, career aspirations, and financial endeavors. It promises a transformative journey, offering interpretive insights into your natal chart, current planetary transits, and forecasts for the upcoming year. The session concludes with an audio or video recording, along with a color printout of your natal chart for personal reflection. It is ideal for individuals seeking a profound understanding of their life's purpose, with a focus on personal growth and mindfulness. The Premium Reading is recommended for those who value a longer, more detailed session and a comprehensive exploration of their celestial destiny.


On the other hand, the Standard Birth Chart Reading is a 55-minute session designed to unlock the mysteries of your life's path in a more affordable and accessible manner. While still providing a comprehensive interpretation of your natal chart, this reading emphasizes understanding and working with celestial influences to empower you in navigating life's complexities. It covers aspects such as emotional well-being, relationships, career, finances, and life direction. The Standard Reading is suitable for those looking for an efficient yet insightful exploration of their astrological makeup. Immediate appointment availability, affordability, and the option to record or download a Zoom video make it a practical choice for those seeking a transformative experience without the extended duration of the Premium option.

In summary, choose the Premium Birth Chart Reading if you desire a more extensive and detailed exploration of your celestial blueprint, with a focus on personal growth and a longer session. Opt for the Standard Birth Chart Reading if you are looking for a more affordable and time-efficient option, still providing comprehensive insights into your astrological influences and a transformative experience.

All sessions are available via Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype, and phone. Book a session below or connect with Rob at (385) 498-5298 or via email at Follow Astrology by Rob on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube​ for cosmic insights and updates.

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