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Monthly Astrology Study Group

A study group meeting together monthly to learn & practice Astrology.

  • 2 hours
  • 25 US dollars

Service Description

What does Astrology have to say about these commonly asked questions? * What is my potential for making money? * What is the nature of my relationships? * What vocation would I be best suited for? * Can I change the setup of my life? * Can my life path be described and/or forecasted? Astrology answers these questions through a combination of houses, signs, planetary placements points and aspects which can all be overwhelming without understanding the language of astrology and knowing what you're looking at. Each month we'll meet online to discuss the nature of that month's planetary topic (the 10 celestial bodies, Chiron & the Nodes) with their signs and their house rulership. We'll put that information to use by discussing each attendee's chart and/or sample chart. What can you expect to get out of these monthly study groups? * Intermediate astrologers - learn deeper meanings of the houses and rulership, practice your delineation skills, bring guest/client charts to get insights from other astrologers. * Beginning astrologers - learn to use the astrological techniques you've studied through your own coursework or through AstrologybyRob's beginning courses. Practice reading charts and add depth to your understanding. * Astrology enthusiasts - astrology language is nothing new to you, you understand planets and signs but don't really know how to read astrology. Watch and learn and even participate when you understand some concepts. Remember, you'll get deep insights into your own chart month after month. Cost: $25 per class When: 2nd Thursday night of each month, from 7 pm to 9 pm. Location: Online through Zoom Questions: Call or text Rob Barnes at 801-699-8322 Dates & general topics: Jul 13th - Moon (you deep within, your emotional life, feelings) Aug 17th - Sun (the self, one's way of being in the world) Sep 14th - Mercury (communication, intellect, your mind) Oct 12th - Venus (love, relationships and money, what I love) Nov 9th - Mars (energy, action, and desire, what I want) Dec 14th - Jupiter (adventures, belief & expansion) Jan 11th - Saturn (tenacity, ambition, obligations and authority) Feb 8th - Chiron (core wounds and how we overcome them) Mar 14th - Uranus (innovative, unpredictable & liberating) Apr 11th - Neptune (spirituality, mysticism, illusion, and confusion) May 9th - Pluto (regeneration, ordeals and transformation) Jun 13th - The Nodes (fate, destiny, path, and purpose)

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

** Class cancellations must be communicated 48 hours prior to the start of class. Once class starts, no refunds, either partial or in full will be given under any circumstances. You accept that you are paying for the six class modules whether you attend all six classes or not. You accepted these terms when you purchase these classes. ** Cancellation of consultations must be communicated 24 hours in advance of your appointment to obtain a full refund.

Contact Details


Sessions performed via Phone. Skype or Zoom 55 North Merchant Street, American Fork, UT, USA

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