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This mesmerizing 3D Crystal Moon Globe is a captivating desk accent that will leave you starstruck. Meticulously crafted from CRYSTAL, this exquisite sphere boasts a breathtaking 360-degree laser engraving of the moon's surface. Unveil intricate craters, vast valleys, and mountains that mirror the beauty of our celestial neighbor. As light strikes the sphere, it casts an enchanting glow, transforming your desk into a mini planetarium. Ideal for astrology enthusiasts, teachers, and as an elegant gift, this 3D crystal moon sphere adds a touch of cosmic wonder to any room.


  • Brand Name: None
  • Origin: ES(Origin)
  • Material: CRYSTAL

3D Crystal Moon Globe Glass Sphere Laser Engraved Astrology Desk Gift

SKU: 4001226523743
PriceFrom $12.75
Excluding Sales Tax
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