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Hump Day Astrology 7/29/20 - After Sex Comments by Zodiac Sign

Are you ready to have some fun today?? Let's get a little edgy and talk about one of the funniest astrology memes floating around social media and the internet in general, "After Sex Comments by Zodiac Sign." (You can google that phrase to find it.)

What's funny about it is the level of truth involved, though there are those that will dispute it. Let's discuss each after sex comment to find out what is true and what is not. We're talking mainly Sun signs here but who knows what else we will throw into this.

Since we are talking sex & relationship topics today and next week (synastry in relationship charts), I'll have my relationship reading on special for the month of August. Go to this link and enter "SYNASTRY" during check out to save $70 on your reading! for Reading Locations:

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Topic: All about Asteroids!


Rob Barnes of Astrology by Rob

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