Hump Day Astrology 6/10/20 - Reading Styles & Examples

This episode covers the differences and similarities of both mine and Susan's astrology reading styles. We decided to host a live and talk through what these are through sort of an interview style discussion. You are welcome to throw out aspects in your chart that we might use for examples to talk through. 🌞🌙✨

In preparation for next week's live, here are the eclipses for 2020:

  • 1/10– Lunar eclipse @ 20 Cancer

  • 6/5– Lunar eclipse @ 15'34 Sagittarius

  • 6/21– Solar eclipse @ 0'21 Cancer

  • 11/30– Lunar eclipse @ 8'38 Gemini

  • 12/14– Solar eclipse @ 23'08 Sagittarius

Astrology by Rob Reading Locations:

  • Omni Presence

  • Lotus

  • The Divine Intervention Collective

  • Sacred Energy Empowerment Center

  • Or by phone or video @

Astrology Club of Utah

Come join the club!!

June 19th 6:30 PM Online


Rob Barnes of Astrology by Rob

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