Hump Day Astrology 2/5/20 - LOVE!! Compatibility in Astrology?

Hump Day Astrology 2/5/20 - LOVE!! Compatibility in Astrology?

Last Weeks Events:

* Full Moon on Saturday

* Mercury is Shadow

Sun, Moon, Venus & Mars:

Where are these planets in your chart? How do they affect relationships?

Visit and get your free chart (with houses) to bring to these Facebook Lives.

Book a Relationship Reading & Save $70 in Feb:

Astrology by Rob Reading Locations:

* Omni Presence - Wednesdays 5-7 PM

* Lotus - Thursdays 5-8 PM

* The Divine Intervention Collective by Appointment Only

* Sacred Energy Empowerment Center by Appointment Only

Astrology Club of Utah

* Mercury's Retrograde in Your Charts

Monthly meetup on all sorts of Astrology topics. Come join the club!!

Feb 21st @ Lotus


Rob Barnes of Astrology by Rob

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