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Hump Day Astrology 2/26/20 - Mercury Retrograde

This Weeks Events:

* Mercury Retrograde - Feb 17th

* Mercury Stations Direct - Mar 9th

Yesterday, Mercury passed the Sun on its trip backwards in the sky. This can be a significant date for many. What house did Mercury's retrograde start in? Did it conjoin a planet or house cusp? These are things to look at to help understand what may be taking place for you.

Visit and get your free chart (with houses) to bring to these Facebook Lives.

Astrology by Rob Reading Locations:

* Omni Presence - Wednesdays 5-7 PM

* Lotus - Thursdays 5-8 PM

* The Divine Intervention Collective by Appointment Only

* Sacred Energy Empowerment Center by Appointment Only

Astrology Club of Utah

* Mercury's Retrograde in Your Charts - Part 2

Monthly meetup on all sorts of Astrology topics. Come join the club!!

Mar 20th @ Lotus 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm


Rob Barnes of Astrology by Rob

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