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Hump Day Astrology 07-19-2023

Today on Hump Day Astrology we take a look at a pile up of big transits happening all at the same time. Every Wednesday Susan Farmer and Rob Barnes take a look at the transits taking place in the skies:

  • July 19 to 21 - Mars opposite Saturn

  • July 20 to 21 - Sun trine Neptune

  • July 21 to 22 - Sun opposite Pluto

  • July 22 - Venus stations retrograde

We also discuss events that we are doing individually and combined. Both Susan Farmer and Rob Barnes do Astrology consultations. A few of the combined events located at Synchronicities in Sandy, UT include:

  • Awakening the Divine Within - is a FREE new group meeting together every week on Wednesday nights.

  • The Astrology Club of Utah meeting the 3rd Friday night of each month.

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