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Horary Astrology Use Case #2: Raiding Your Retirement for Repairs? Horary Astrology Offers a Wise Alternative

Ever stare down a mountain of home repairs and feel a desperate urge to tap into your future? That's exactly where Mary found herself. Faced with urgent repairs, she approached me with a question that resonated with many: "Should I take a loan against my 401k to cover the costs?"

Horary astrology thrives on context, and Mary's situation was no exception. While the need for repairs was undeniable (the chart's 4th house, signifying home and property, was afflicted), the solution of a 401k loan wasn't as clear-cut.

Home Repairs - Painting a Wall

Let's break down some horary terms in this horary astrology use case:

  • 4th house: In astrology, the 4th house represents home, property, and our sense of foundation and security.

  • Afflicted: A planet or house that is negatively influenced by the aspects of other planets.

The horary chart revealed a weak significator for the 401k loan, indicating it wouldn't be a strong or stable option. Furthermore, the aspect between the significators for the house and the loan was dissociative, meaning they wouldn't work well together.

In simpler terms, the chart suggested the 401k loan wouldn't be the best fit for these particular repairs.  However, the chart also held a glimmer of hope. The significator for alternative solutions, like a home equity line of credit (HELOC), was strong and well-placed, indicating a more viable option.

Financial Graph

Digging deeper with Mary, we explored her motivations. While convenience initially pointed towards the 401k, a healthy dose of fear about depleting her retirement savings surfaced. The horary chart, as it often does, mirrored her internal conflict.

Empowered by this new clarity, Mary explored the HELOC option. To our delight, the horary chart for this possibility produced a resounding "yes."  This horary astrology use case concluded with the repairs decision being made and Mary's future remained secure.

This story exemplifies the power of horary astrology. It goes beyond a simple "yes" or "no" by revealing underlying factors and potential consequences. The next time you're faced with a major financial decision, consider consulting the wisdom of the stars. It might just save your future (and your roof)!



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