• Rob Barnes

My New Year's Resolution

Well, it's January and it's trendy to set new year's resolutions, right? So guess what my top resolution is for 2018? Fitness. That's right! I drove my car around a very full parking lot yesterday morning at 7:45 a.m. and finally found a place to park and I just joined Vasa Fitness, a local gym. Yay!!


Ummm, I just saw your eyes roll and you're probably thinking, "DELETE." But there is a catch to what I am going to be telling you in this post.

I have to admit I chuckled a little when the sales guy said that the gym was full today because it's January and that it was hard to find parking. We often have great intentions and fitness is usually one of them. But then things happen, February comes, and we are back to our old routine.

So why would I write a post about something like this? It's because I dig astrology. Really! I know, that didn't really answer the question. I'll try again. Because astrology is very underutilized in our lives. Still didn't answer it? Nope. Yes, I am purposely trying to teasing you with the answer. I just want to make the point that this is an astrology post, not a blog about my fitness goals and my new year's resolutions, well sort of.

Okay, so here's the answer. My 2018 Fitness Chart. :)

Rob's 2018 Fitness Chart

I have to give credit to Astrologer Chris Brennan<