• Rob Barnes

New Articles & Horoscopes in 2018

Saturn In Capricorn

We are nearing the start of 2018 and also Saturn’s transit into Capricorn. That means it’s a good time to get my email system up and running and providing useful information for my clients and friends. So why now? Well first off, it’s about time and secondly, as you will start to learn with Saturn’s influence, he likes to build structure and is interested in seeing things to the end. He enjoys hard work, discipline and dedication.

Where Saturn shows up in your chart for the next few years (while he transits Capricorn), speaks a lot about influences you’ll discover in that area of life. For me, that takes place in the 3 rd House. A few themes of Astrology’s 3 rd House are a focus over reading, writing, teaching & communicating. Hmmm… well that makes sense then that I would want to incorporate the disciplined work in creating my horoscopes and my email communications for my clients and friends.

For me and others experiencing this upcoming transiting Saturn in the third house, our mental, spiritual or physical environment is being made brand new. As with any new environment in which we find our self, we’ve got to understand what we are up against, how things work here, to get the best use of it. Imagine your first day of work, you know you’re expected to produce end results, but you have no idea how to even get there, etc. How to orient yourself? During Saturn’s transit here, it becomes extremely important to figure it out. Saturn asks us to deliberately slow down to examine our mental processes, thoughts, awareness, and then to focus on how we relate to others, how we think, how we communicate and in general, how we relate to the mind, itself.

The Saturn transit through Capricorn will take place differently from person to person. Where it affects this area of my life for the next few years, it may affect someone’s marriage, career, money, love and/or many other topics. This is why it’s so satisfying for me to read people’s charts and help them see where to comprehend, feel and apply these changing influences to get the best results possible. Afterall, Saturn is not usually easy to work with.

Saturn is the planet of trials, tribulations and life’s lessons. It’s been in the sign Sagittarius for the past few years which is the big T-truth and higher learning sign. Most of my clients relate to feelings of being tested, challenged or having difficulties in areas related to wherever Sagittarius shows up in their charts and what area of life that rules over. Ask a Sagittarian how they’ve enjoyed the past few years. Most (even though usually more optimistic than rest of us) recognize they’ve been getting their butts kicked.