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Best Birth Chart Analysis

For the Best Birth Chart Analysis Available Online, Check Out Astrology By Rob

Astrology by Rob offers astrological and birth chart readings that allow clients to find a better way to approach life by knowing the placement of their planets at the time of their birth. Rob's gift for understanding your birth chart and its planetary influences consistently offers clients the insight and methodologies that result in positive lasting change.

Rob offers two ways of understanding your birth chart through these best birth chart analysis options –

  • The Standard Natal Chart Reading – this 55-minute standard birth chart reading identifies your life path and highlights your abilities, life lessons, and ultimately, your potential. It includes an analysis as to how your birth chart influences these life factors –

    • Family Dynamics.

    • One's self-interpretation and esteem.

    • The nature of relationships.

    • Financial indicators.

    • Challenges and lessons, among others.


At its conclusion, each reading includes a color printout, and you are welcome to record the reading. Are you ready to book your standard birth chart analysis with Rob?

  • The Premium Natal Chart Reading – this 75-minute premium birth chart reading includes everything offered in the standard reading, plus the following –

    • An interpretive reading and an in-depth understanding of your birth chart offers -

    • Forecasts for the next year.

    • The current influences of the planets based on current transits.

    • A digital recording of the entire reading. Are you ready to book your premium birth chart analysis with Rob?


Each of the astrology readings are available using these apps - FaceTime, WhatsApp or Skype, and phone. If you have an interest in connecting with Rob, please reach out by telephone at (385) 498-4298 or by Email.

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